2015 Corrales Fine Art Show

2015 Corrales Fine Art Show – 27th Annual Old Church Fine Art Show

The 2015 Corrales Fine Art Show held at the Old San Ysisdro Church is an Artist Juried show. The Old Church is a beautiful venue in which to show work, especially in autumn. This show is always held in early October, the same week as the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. The Old Church sustained a lot of damage in a huge storm (actually officially labeled a Desert Hurricane by the National Weather Service) in July of 2013. Not much repair had been done by the time of the 2014 show, and I was really concerned about how much longer this wonderful old adobe structure might last. I was delighted when I took my pieces for the jury process to see that major repairs were being done at the Old Church.

This show has not only photography (in fact, photography is not a main emphasis here), but also painting, sculpture, multimedia and others. It is always a very interesting show with a variety of artwork.

The 27th Annual Old Church Fine Arts Show will be held October 3 – 11, 2015. Open daily Saturday to Saturday 11am – 5pm, allowing for visiting after the morning Balloon Fiesta events and before the evening Balloon Fiesta events. Sunday, October 11 is the last day, and the hours then are 11am but closing at 4pm. The Opening Reception for the 2015 Corrales Fine Art Show is Friday, October 2, 5-7pm.

I was delighted to have all three of my entries accepted for this year’s show.

“The Observer/The Observed” will be shown as a framed 20″x16″ archival pigment print on fine art canvas. (My thanks again to Jim Stallings for the poem he wrote in response as encouragement to me and my family in the dark days of this past winter.)

2015 corrales fine art show

The Observer/The Observed

“A Delicate Balance” will be shown on dye-infused aluminum, as will “Nature’s Rhythms.”

2015 shows corrales fine art show

A Delicate Balance

2015 shows corrales fine art show

Nature’s Rhythms

I have been asked if I would also offer smaller pieces for people who like the art from the 2015 shows but who do not have space for larger pieces. I had to give that some thought. After much thought, I decided to offer these images as small pieces two different ways:

    1) Wall art, as 10×8 dye-infused aluminum pieces. Even as small pieces, they are eye-catching and do not require framing (be sure to order with a float mount, one of the options offered); and
    2) 7×5 blank note cards, suitable not only for your own writing but also for giving one or several at a time as small gifts.

Information for the offerings from the Corrales show as small pieces:

As always, thank you for your interest.

August 30, 2015

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