Fledglings: Bad Hair Days

Fledglings: Bad Hair Days

Fledglings are abundant here in late summer. They aren’t the cute babies just hatched, and they aren’t the beautiful birds they will become. They are awkward teens, developing some adult feathers but still with some baby fluff and coloration. I enjoy watching them grow. The scrub jays (now Woodhouse’s scrub-jays) are among my favorite, because they are here year around, and will eat peanuts on the patio table while I’m sitting there.

This fledgling Woodhouse’s scrub jay in the early morning light shows some of the beauty it will develop as it becomes adult.

Fledglings Woodhouse's Scrub Jay
Fledgling Woodhouse’s Scrub Jay

These jays will come quite close for peanuts!

Fledgling Woodhouse's Scrub-Jay
Fledgling Woodhouse’s Scrub-Jay – “I can grab that peanut before the woman sees me!”

You know how beautiful adult robins can be. I’m not sure I had ever paid much attention to fledgling robins, but I had a great deal of empathy for this one!

Fledgling Robin
Fledgling Robin

A few days later I saw this one. I appeared much more majestic in the tree top, lit by the morning sun. I do not know if this were the same fledgling or not.

Fledgling Robin
Fledgling Robin in Early Morning Light

This fledgling house finch managed to look quite regal – to me – atop a sunflower seed head. He had already eaten a fair amount. He looked quite pleased with himself.

Fledgling House Finch
Fledgling House Finch

6 Replies to “Fledglings: Bad Hair Days”

    1. Hi, Tim. I agree. They have been fun to see this year. I’ve been aware of the fledgling scrub jays for several years, but not so much the other birds. Next year I plan to start watching for them a little earlier in the summer. 🙂

  1. It’s so awkward growing up, especially when people take photos to remind us of.how weird we looked.

    1. Hi, Barbara. Definitely a good point. Hopefully the birds will not see it the way humans do – I hope! Nice to see you, and continued safe travels!

    1. Hi, Lavinia. I think they are very sweet. I sometimes get to know the fledgling jays, because they live in extended family groups around here.
      I do not have swallows, although they are here in Albuquerque and I see them when driving around.
      Nice to see you today!

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