Susan Brandt Graham MD PhD
Susan Brandt Graham, MD, PhD

About Susan:

Even growing up in Norman, Oklahoma, Susan knew “my soul resided in the light of the Southwest.” Given a Kodak Brownie at a young age, she has worked her way through Polaroid (film), Leica (film), Nikon(film and digital), and Canon (digital) cameras. Her current digital camera of choice is the Canon 5D Mark II.

Formally trained in Anthropology (Univ. Okla., Univ. Chicago, Ph.D. Univ. Arizona) and Medicine (M.D. Univ. Kansas; Ob/Gyn Residency, Univ. New Mexico), she has been a Gynecologist in private practice in Albuquerque since 1989, retiring in the summer of 2011. She has published papers in peer reviewed journals in both Anthropology and Medicine.

An American Rose Society Accredited Rose Judge and Rose Arrangement Judge Emeritus, she developed a serious interest in photographing roses she judged at rose shows. She bought her first digital camera in 2004, a Nikon Coolpix 4300, specifically to carry in her purse for that purpose. One thing led to another. She began and served as the first Chair of the Pacific Southwest District Photography Committee of the ARS, 2008-2012. She is currently a member of the American Rose Society Photography Committee.

A need to learn digital photography led her to UNM Continuing Education’s Digital Arts Program, from which she holds certificates in both Digital Photography and Web Design. She rapidly developed interests in Maternity, Newborn, Infant, and Family photography, as well as “just about everything else.” Susan’s inspiration comes from light, the diverse cultures and remarkable history and prehistory of New Mexico, the state she has chosen to call “home.”

With retirement from a busy Ob/Gyn practice comes time for reflection. She now focuses more on conceptual portraiture and photo-essays (e.g. “Persephone’s Choice: Every Woman’s Dilemma“), and exploration of phenomena that have intrigued her for years (e.g. “Seeing Color Colorblind,” dedicated to her son and father).

You may visit Susan’s Portfolio website here.

Visit Susan’s Amazon Page for a look at her Kindle e-books, “Persephone’s Choice,” “Seeing Color Colorblind,” and “How to Mat and Mount an 8×10 Photo for a Rose Show.” Or, preview them here:

2 Replies to “About”

  1. Awesome picture Susan! I had no idea you had become so accomplished in so many areas. Good work girl! So proud of you. You make Norman proud!

    1. Hi, Judy. What a nice comment to find when I got home this evening! Thank you so much!
      And, thank you for taking the time to stop by, look around, and leave a comment. That is very much appreciated. ~ Susan

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