Middle Rio Grande Valley of New Mexico

Middle Rio Grande Valley of New Mexico

Middle Rio Grande Valley of New Mexico includes the river, the bosque, and metropolitan Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Corrales, and others. While cities and villages are included, there are also many rural areas, even at times within the cities and villages. I spent yesterday with good friends exploring parts of the Corrales area I had never seen, ending the evening on their deck for wonderful food and great conversation.

These images are not spectacular in the sense of being in any way unusual. These are very typical images from a summer afternoon in the Middle Rio Grande Valley of New Mexico.

middle rio grande valley
Sandia Mountains looking across the Rio Grande, after a brief thundershower
middle rio grande valley
Typical scene in the rural portions of the Middle Rio Grande Valley

This area is known for its double rainbows. It is rare to see a single rainbow. If you look closely you will see that the main rainbow includes a double portion in at least the middle of the arc, while a portion of another bright rainbow is in the left of the image. It was a beautiful sky.

middle rio grande valley
Beautiful rainbows

When I got home last night, on the opposite side of the river, I found 1/2 inch of water in my rain gauge. The rain falling behind the rainbows was falling at my house!

It was a perfect ending to a beautiful – and typical – summer day in the Middle Rio Grande Valley!

2 Replies to “Middle Rio Grande Valley of New Mexico”

  1. Great set of photos with the Sandias. I had to look twice at the first one because the road could just as well be the river. And you got the rainbow, very nicely done too. You show how different things look within a few miles of each other and a few hours between shots.

    1. Hi, Tim. We had a great day with you and Laurie, seeing so much beautiful, changing scenery in an area we know. We could not have planned, or even dreamed of, a more perfect day!
      Thank you!

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