Fading Light

Fading Light

Fading light, at the end of a beautiful day. The light here in the high desert of New Mexico is so clear and brilliant that even an “ordinary” sunset here is extraordinarily beautiful. Even from the time I was a child passing through on family vacations, the light here has always touched my heart and soul. Fading light – a phenomenon in itself, but also a metaphor for many other things; almost anything you want it to be.

The fading light at sunset last night was nothing extraordinary for here. It was quite peaceful and soothing. The first image, with the sky itself still in various shades of grays and blues shows the pink alpineglow of the Sandia (“Watermelon”) Mountains. This image was taken at 8:11 pm, MDT. The second image, taken at 8:21 pm, MDT, shows the Sandia Mountains already almost dark, but the clouds still with a wonderful pink glow.

It should be noted these images were taken looking east toward the mountains, rather than the more typical sunset images taken looking west toward the setting sun. Here in Albuquerque we are fortunate to often have multiple views of changing light at sunset.

fading light sunset
Looking east toward the Sandia Mountains, 8:11 pm
fading light sunset
Looking east toward the Sandias at 8:22 pm

6 Replies to “Fading Light”

  1. We had a nice full rainbow and gold to the west on Sunday evening. Beautiful photos.

    1. Hi, Tim. Thanks.
      I have seen images of the rainbow on Sunday evening, but, believe it or not, I did not see one here! And I watch for those, as you know 🙂 )))))))))) I’m glad you got to see it!

      1. I’m not sure you could see it from where you are. It was over the Sandias.

        1. I agree. Another friend alerted me about it (west side), but nothing other than a big storm cloud was visible from my yard.

  2. Gorgeous, Susan! I was always fascinated with the amount of pink in the sky in Albuquerque. One way or another I WILL get back to the southwest… Huge hugs!

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