Garden Joys

Garden Joys – An Early Morning in the Garden

Garden joys abound in the high desert, even with the typical spring winds, this time of year. For the past several months, I have been very busy with projects of my own choosing, driven to work by no one but myself. Snail mail for required proofs for one of the projects has given me a kind of enforced relaxation time. Last evening I set one goal for today, to enjoy my back yard.

For the past several days I have seen cedar waxwings, a very infrequent visitor to my yard, drinking at the bird bath. I have noticed them at around 7:00am, so last evening I set my camera with plans to try to photograph a cedar waxwing. When I first got up I watered all the container plants and then filled the bird feeders. By that time it was almost 7:00am, so I sat down on the patio with my camera and a cup of coffee. Immediately I saw the doves, finches, and sparrows that are frequent visitors here, and a little male black chinned hummingbird drank at one of the feeders, not really bothered by my presence. At 7:07am the magic I was hoping for happened. This cedar waxwing appeared in pyracantha, on a branch that allowed me to photograph it without distractions that would have been present at the bird bath.

garden joys
Cedar Waxwing, an Uncommon Visitor to My Garden

It flew away at 7:08am. It had given me one minute to obtain the portrait I had hoped for.

After the cedar waxwing flew, I saw the first female black chinned hummingbird of the season. The females arrive about two weeks after the males, and the timing was perfect. She was thirsty! She drank, and drank, and drank. A male hummer watched her from his guard post, and did not interrupt her breakfast. When she finished, she flew into a large rose bush near where I keep the hummingbird feeders. Year after year I always thought it possible the hummers nested there, but I have never seen a nest. Maybe this year…Because at that point, the male who had been observing her began the flying loops of the hummingbird mating display. Those are always so much fun to watch.

Finally, sparkling green trees early in the morning. They only look like this for a few minutes, but they also are garden joys.

garden joys
Sparkling Trees in Early Morning

Thank you for joining me during my forced relaxation time. 🙂

4 Replies to “Garden Joys”

  1. Beautiful portrait of the ceder waxwing, Susan! Garden joys – I love that. Time in the gardens and woods is a precious thing. I remember my father’s youngest sister taking me though the woods as a youngster, having me stop and listen to birdsong, or would point out a flower to me. I learned much from her. She has long since passed on, and I cherish those memories.

    1. Lavinia, thank you so much. Especially thank you for sharing how you came to have some cherished memories. My mother was a biologist and my father enjoyed the outdoors, so I grew up with a love of nature – very fortunate, I know. Thank you for dropping by. 🙂

  2. Susan, Thanks for the cedar waxwing photo. I never knew they inhabited Albuquerque. I’ve also seen some hummingbirds in the last few days, so have hung out my feeder. We also appear to have a mated pair of roadrunners nesting in one of our bushes in the backyard. Can’t wait for warmer evenings so we can dine outside.

    1. Hi, Barb. Thanks for the comment! Last year about this time I “found” a pair when I was looking over images of the “cafeteria wall.” I had not recognized them when they were sitting there. A couple of days ago I saw several drinking at the bird bath, and also the next day. I think they must be migrating through, or at least I do not think they live around my yard on a regular basis. I wasn’t too disappointed I only saw the one today, because it posed so nicely. I’ll look again tomorrow.
      Congrats on the pair of roadrunners!! We have them in the neighborhood, and they regularly eat lizards in my yard, but I have never had a nesting pair.
      The hummers will be very happy to have another source of food and water!!!
      Yes, I’m ready for some warmer (not hot!) evenings, too.
      Nice to see you this evening.

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