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Color Vision

Color vision is something in which I have always had some interest, but in the past 15 months or so, after seeing the first EnChroma video, color vision has become something of a passion.

For readers here, at Susan Brandt Graham Photography, who would like to see the regular images, I have set up a separate site for the issues of color vision. I thought long and hard about that decision, given this site and my gardening site, Southwest Desert Gardening, and the time constraints, etc., etc.

The new site is Seeing Color Colorblind. It has a static front page, meaning blog posts do not appear on the landing page, which has general information. The blog posts are listed in the sidebar under “Recent Posts.” I wanted to prepare you for slightly different navigation from a typical blog, but it suits the topic there.

I will continue to post here, as well as there.

After completing the volume comparing normal color vision to red dichromacy, “Seeing Color Colorblind: Protanopia Part I,” I’m expanding the types and degrees of color deficiencies with which I’ll be working. Here is just a glimpse of where my work is going:

color vision
Normal Color Vision and Various Types and Degrees of Color Deficiencies

This site will remain the same, but the new site will contain the ongoing “colorblindness” work.

I hope to continue to see you here, maybe over there, and for some of you, maybe even both places! 🙂

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