Standing in Ants in Corrales

Standing in Ants in Corrales

Standing in ants in Corrales is easy to do if you are the least bit distracted by scenery when you are out walking. Last weekend, after checking on the giant Dr Huey rosebush, Tim, Laurie, and I walked down to the Rio Grande, which is their front yard. The river was running quite high then.

Laurie and Tim Looking Across the Rio Grande to the Sandias

We hadn’t been in that spot long when Tim and Laurie spotted something:

What Do They See?

A short time later, we saw this:

A Man in a Kayak!

It was a man in a kayak, and there were two other helpers on the bank. The story behind the encounter will be the subject of another post.

When everyone was safely out of the river, we headed back to Tim and Laurie’s. The sun through the cottonwoods in the bosque was beautiful:

Setting Sun on the Bosque

Laurie and I were enjoying the beauty of the bosque, and Tim was ahead. He turned around to see what we were doing. “Lars, you’re standing in ants!!”

Standing in Ants

It was not for long, and no harm was done.

Back on their deck, we were joined by Rosencrantz, one of their very sweet cats. He partially burrowed under my hat and stayed with us as we talked and ate, as always, delicious food.


Photographic excursions in Corrales are full of surprises and delights. More in future posts…

4 Replies to “Standing in Ants in Corrales”

    1. Hi, Lavinia. It was a true New Mexico beautiful day! This weekend is beautiful also. Rosencrantz truly is handsome, and so sweet! He just wanted to be loved that afternoon, and he posed and posed.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  1. There sure are a lot of silly hats along the Rio Grande. I love the standing in ants photo. Rosencrantz likes being the center of attention.

    1. Hi, Tim! That certainly was a glorious day with you and Laurie! I love the hats, and have definitely learned that hats are a life-saving requirement for people spending any time at all in our beautiful high desert!
      I’m really glad you like the Standing in Ants photo!
      Rosencrantz was so “on” that day. Sometimes when I am there, Spunk steals the show just being Spunk! It had been some time that I had seen Rosencrantz in his very welcoming host role, and he was so delightful.
      Just a great day all the way around! Garden photos will be coming soon.

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