Beautiful Start to the Day



Another Typical New Mexico Sunrise

Even as a child visiting the Southwest on vacations, I understood there was something special about the light here. Rather than growing tired of it with now-constant exposure and age, I appreciate it even more. While this morning was a little nippy and the arrival of Fall is not far behind, sunrise was spectacular (even without crepuscular rays 🙂 ))))))))) )!

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Start to the Day

  1. Beautiful, Susan! I enjoy the start to the day, also, but you seem to be in tune with actual sunrises!

    • Hi, Carol. Thank you. You know how you can look back and see that in certain years you grew in some areas (like roses, or arrangements, or cooking, etc.)? I feel like this year I have really become attuned to both big and little changes in light from dawn through dusk. It has been fun. (Maybe it is because I got my cataracts fixed, which I did not even realize were a problem until driving one night! 🙂 ))))))))
      Thanks for dropping by, and for the comment.

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