Crow and Crepuscular Rays

We have had a stretch of cloudless sunrises the past couple of weeks. When I went out to pick up the paper this morning, I was thrilled to see some clouds. This sunrise seemed to have the potential to produce crepuscular rays. A few minutes later they did emerge. These are certainly not the most spectacular rays I have seen. You might have to look hard to see them. But the sky was beautiful in this blue hour. So, I grabbed the camera to see what I could get.

I did not see the crow until I looked at the image on the computer. It was one of those surprises that can just appear. The icing on the cake… It was a beautiful New Mexico way to start the day.

This link has a short video of the American Crow in flight.

4 Replies to “Crow and Crepuscular Rays”

  1. Even your lone crow is a critter. It’s been hot enough, that we have been out every night this week and not seen a critter or a person, until last night when we saw a couple who is often walking in the evening. They had not seen a single critter either. Beautiful photo.

    1. Hi, Tim. Thanks. It has been hot. My cooler ran all night last night, the first time this summer. The humidity is really up today, and the house feels hot. Big clouds seem to be gathering over the Sandias. I hope we get some rain out of this. Monday is trash day and I thought I would put things out this afternoon. But the forecast is for winds to pick up a little later, so I guess I’ll wait until morning. Anyway, here’s hoping for some real rain to cool things down. 🙂

  2. Magnificent sky. And crows are some of my favorite birds. thanks for capturing them with your lens!

    1. Hi, Theresa! So nice to see you. I think the Albuquerque skies are one of the things that so many of us love about living here. Crows are remarkable birds. I’m not surprised that they are among your favorites. 🙂

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