July Jewels

As July 2019 comes to an end, I want to share a few images from the last few days. The flowers here will last through green chile season, which is about to begin. Colorful skies do not occur every day, but they occur frequently! Monsoon season will be with us into September, although thunderstorms may – or may not – be less frequent.

Colorful skies are always welcome.

Sunrise July 28, 2019

My love of the Old Garden Rose ‘Mermaid’ is pretty well known. 🙂

It is also well known that sunflowers are among my favorites in late summer/autumn. I did not plant sunflowers this year – too many distractions – but volunteers are appearing. This one is from a cloudy morning when a light mist was falling.

Sunflower in Morning Mist

This sunflower is a volunteer from one of the hybrid sunflowers I have grown in other years. Makes me a little sorry I did not make time to plant more this year…


Just as in previous years, crab spiders seem to gravitate to this particular kind of sunflower. Although tiny and kind of cute, these little guys are vicious. From other years I have images of them eating bees they have killed.

sunflower crab spider
Crab Spider on Sunflower

This is a closeup of the crab spider.

Crab Spider
Crab Spider Closeup

Thanks for visiting my world in late July.

9 Replies to “July Jewels”

    1. Pearl, hi! So nice to see you. I hope things are going well for you. Thank you for dropping by! 🙂

    1. Hi, Tim. In some ways this has been an odd year. My peaches normally ripen by the end of June. This year it was the middle of July.
      The last time I was at your place it looked like the sunflowers were coming up. Maybe they will be in their glory when Wagner’s begin roasting chile. 😉

    1. Hi, Lavinia! Thank you for coming by. I like the little crab spiders too. They are kind of shy. This little guy hid between petals and peeked out periodically to see if I were still there ? But they kill and eat much larger prey. I hope things are going well for you this summer. Nice to see you!

  1. The hybrid sunflower, that is one pretty color pairing. I know what you mean how things were a little off. Megan, who’s renting our house in our old neighborhood, said the Asiatic lilies were doing so well at the start of summer when the rain was regular. But, when two weeks of hot weather hit, the heat really throttled them back even though she was watering them everyday. Megan said the Dr. Huey roses came at their appointed time in early June.

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