Moon and Jupiter

moon and jupiter

Moon and Jupiter: What a Beautiful Pre-Dawn Sky!

Moon and Jupiter are among the brightest objects we see in the night sky. The rising sun, with its brightness, washes them out. Just before sunrise on October 28, 2016, they appeared close together.

moon and jupiter
Moon and Jupiter Just Before Sunrise

The skies here in Albuquerque have been clear at sunrise recently, and I have missed the colors. Today, at first, though, I was a little disappointed to see the moon and stars somewhat obscured by light clouds. As the sun began to rise, however, I was delighted to see the reds, oranges, and blues develop above the silhouetted Sandia Mountains.

I have much clearer images of the alignment of Venus, Jupiter, and Mars from several months ago than of today’s phenomenon. But for sheer beauty, at least to my eye, I’ll take today’s pre-dawn Albuquerque sky.

More Sky Show

More Sky Show with Venus and Jupiter and Now Including the Moon

More sky show with the planets Venus and Jupiter today included a crescent moon at 6:09am MST. Dawns began with crystal clear skies over the Sandia Mountains. The bright object closest to the mountains is the moon; then Venus; then in the upper right hand corner, Jupiter.

sky show
More Sky Show: Moon, Venus, Jupiter over Sandia Mountains at Dawn

Check out Sky and Telescope for celestial events you might want to look for this week. I missed some in the past few days, partly because of cloudy skies and partly because I slept through them. 🙂

As long as I have lived in New Mexico and as old as I have grown to be, I never cease to be amazed at the constantly changing and ever-beautiful skies of my adopted state.

The Alignment

Dawn, At the Peak of the Venus-Jupiter Alignment

The alignment of Venus and Jupiter, which has been putting on quite a show at dawn in the past couple of weeks, reached the closest point to alignment this weekend. This is the closest these two brightest planets will be until 2021. Sky and Telescope has some diagrams, as well as upcoming things to watch for in the coming days.

I have been photographing this phenomenon in the predawn hours for several days, and will continue to do so for several days. I have truly enjoyed seeing it all and watching the changes in the alignment of these planets.

Even I, however, could not have anticipated the beauty at dawn this morning. I hope you enjoy this image of the peak of the alignment of Venus and Jupiter as seen in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

alignment of Venus and Jupiter
The Peak of the Alignment of Venus and Jupiter at Dawn in Albuquerque, New Mexico
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