Moon and Jupiter

Moon and Jupiter: What a Beautiful Pre-Dawn Sky!

Moon and Jupiter are among the brightest objects we see in the night sky. The rising sun, with its brightness, washes them out. Just before sunrise on October 28, 2016, they appeared close together.

moon and jupiter
Moon and Jupiter Just Before Sunrise

The skies here in Albuquerque have been clear at sunrise recently, and I have missed the colors. Today, at first, though, I was a little disappointed to see the moon and stars somewhat obscured by light clouds. As the sun began to rise, however, I was delighted to see the reds, oranges, and blues develop above the silhouetted Sandia Mountains.

I have much clearer images of the alignment of Venus, Jupiter, and Mars from several months ago than of today’s phenomenon. But for sheer beauty, at least to my eye, I’ll take today’s pre-dawn Albuquerque sky.

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  1. Beautiful photo. I really happy to see you got that. The clouds and pre-dawn colors are perfect.

    1. Hi, Tim. When I first went out, there was nothing. Then, I could see light from the moon beginning to glow over the Sandias. When it rose, it was blurry from the clouds, as was Jupiter, and I was a little disappointed. Then color gradually began to develop to the SE, and I was hoping something like this would develop.
      I was very happy it was unseasonably warm, or I might have missed it. 🙂 ))))))
      Thanks for dropping by!

  2. A beautiful shot, Susan! I like how the moon when it is in thin crescent phase looks like a large eye trained out towards the universe. In this case, it is observing Jupiter.

    I discovered the last few posts of yours today. I did not get any email notification except for your very last one. Congratulations on getting into that international show!

    1. Hi, Lavinia. First, thank you! I haven’t been here in a while, and I can see that I am missing some email notifications also! The whole Jetpack thing was really off for a couple of weeks (was very off the last time I was here), so I guess I was a little unmotivated to be here.
      The skies are offering up some treats, so I came back, and am a little embarrassed. Again, thank you for dropping by and for the comment, and we’ll see if email notifications are working any better. ~ Susan

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