Cooper’s Hawk on a Cold, Wet Day

Cooper’s Hawk
Cooper's Hawk
Cooper’s Hawk, Hunkered Down on a Cold, Wet Day in Albuquerque

It was a cold, wet morning in Albuquerque.

This Cooper’s Hawk has been a regular visitor since August. It usually moves around a lot, often flying in for a meal and leaving when it is finished eating.

It was hunkered down like this when I first saw it on this day, and it stayed for about three hours. (It must have had its breakfast before settling down in that tree).

Other than keeping a watchful eye on me when I was photographing it, it did not appear disturbed by my presence.

8 Replies to “Cooper’s Hawk on a Cold, Wet Day”

  1. Nice photo! Was it later in the morning? I assume you had snow in the early morning, since we had about a 1/4 of snow before it warmed up to rain later in the morning.

    1. This was right at noon. We did have snow this morning. I saw this hawk in that spot when I left to go to the gym and then shopping. It was there when I got back. I was home for a bit before I photographed it. I left a little before 12:30 to run an errand, and when I got home at 2:30 it was no longer there. I am used to seeing it in the back yard. This tells me I need to look in the front also. 🙂 )))))))))
      In a larger image, you can see rain-almost-ice drops on the hawk’s feathers.

        1. I was happy for the moisture. We had a lot of *dense fog* earlier in the morning, very unusual for here. I agree, it was a gloomy day! But any day my hawk visits (especially for so long!) is a good day. 😉

  2. Nice shot, Iv’e noticed that when I’m in town (Russellville, population ~25,000) birds are much less fearful of humans. It makes sense I guess but out at my house in the woods they are much more easily spooked.

    1. Hi, Bob, Thanks.
      I am relatively certain this hawk is the one that I photographed in August, putting on a display in my back yard. It could be a different hawk, but we seem to have a sort of “understanding” between us. 🙂 )))))))
      The part of Albuquerque in which I live has recently been said to contain the greatest concentration of Cooper’s hawks of any place they are found, including in the wild. It is just a limited area of Albuquerque, what is known as the “Northeast Heights,” with its “urban forest” and lots of humans who put out bird feeders, AKA restaurants for the hawks. 😉
      So, as you note, the hawks around here are quite used to humans and have decided to settle among us.
      Very nice to see you today!

  3. I like the way the branches frame the hawk and add lots of interest in a very natural setting. The background light also brings dramatic attention to the subject. Beautiful hawk!

    1. Hi, Juanita! Thank you for coming by today. I have become quite fond of this hawk. I was glad it posed the way it did, and I thank you for appreciating that!
      Merry Christmas to you and your entire family, if I don’t see you before then!

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