The Observer, The Observed

The Observer, The Observed with “Spontaneous Poem from a Treetop Crow” by Jim Stallings

This image, once created, seemed ideal as a new header for this blog, with its subtitle, “A Southwest Point of View.” Jim had already written this poem (a gift of encouragement to my family recently), and I asked if I could post it here.


Spontaneous Poem from a Treetop Crow

In the lofty life of a wise old crow
Swaying in the topmost backyard branches
Like a magical clock counting down mortality’s coil,
May it not be in some secret way
We the awed observers
Have all along been honored by a wiser watcher?

– Jim Stallings

To read more of Jim’s work, visit Jim Stallings: Books, at

Thank you for letting my readers enjoy your poem here, Jim.

(The full image from which this header was created may be seen here: )

7 Replies to “The Observer, The Observed”

  1. I love the photo. Nice poem to go with the photo. I saw the notice of your post earlier, but I’ve been processing video all day, so was just now able to look at it.

    1. Hi, Tim. Thanks!
      Now I’ll be anxious to hear about your video. And, that reminds me I really do need to play with some video!
      Thanks for dropping by.

      1. These were videos of the Westside Chorale’s winter concert. I’ve been processing them a few at a time and decided to finish the one batch.

  2. Such a beautiful choice Susan, yes perfect for a header ! This picture is great, I love the tones and you caught the bird in just the right pose…he was posing, wasn’t he 😉

    1. Hi, Marie-Claude. Thank you for visiting, and for the comment. Yes, I believe he (she?) was posing. Here in the Southwest, there are many myths about different birds as messengers. I think some of the birds that visit my yard know about those 🙂 ))))))))
      This was at a time when my family was dealing with some bad news. In response to that, and seeing the full image of the crow, Jim wrote this poem as a gift of encouragement to my family. I say a bit more about that and show the entire image on my gardening blog,
      Again, thank you so much for visiting and for the comment ~ Susan

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