Early Spring Flowers

Early Spring Flowers: Yellow Crocus and Blue Grape Hyacinths

Early spring flowers – the earliest ones – are frequently a variety of bulbs. For today, the first day of Spring 2015, I present yellow crocus and blue grape hyacinths.

Yellow Crocus

early spring flowers
Early spring flowers, yellow crocus

Grape Hyacinths

early spring flowers grape hyacinths
Grape Hyacinths

Daffodils and narcissus are blooming now, as are a variety of fruit trees. I have a new peach tree that my neighbors gave me last year, and it was starting to bloom when we got the snow a couple of weeks ago. Those blossoms will not make fruit this year. However, my pear trees are just beginning to bloom, and I should have picture of those before too long.

Today itself was actually rather cool, but this weekend should be good for getting more work done in the yard.

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    1. Hi, Juanita!
      This is the week that spring sprung at my house.
      So, spring at your house cannot be too far behind!
      Thanks for stopping by!

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