Late Summer Insects

Late Summer Insects in Corrales, New Mexico

Late summer insects were certainly abundant yesterday at the Corrales home of friends Tim and Laurie. I met them years ago through the local rose society, and we have become great friends with a wide variety of shared interests. They grow many roses, but they also plant a wide variety of other things aimed at encouraging pollinators and other beneficial insects. Their land was covered with abundant wild sunflowers, and also naturalized with cosmos, brown-eyed Susans, coreopsis, echinacea, black bamboo, and one I found especially fascinating for the variety of insects it attracted, garlic chives. All of these had been intentionally planted at one time, and then allowed to naturalize their land, which was spectacular in its color. I have been there many times, but I had never seen so much in bloom at one time before. The insects seemed quite happy and were buzzing everywhere! This is a small sample.

Bees, many different varieties, were everywhere. This one seemed to beg to be photographed. The plant is garlic chives.

summer insects bee
Bee on Garlic Chives

If you read my other blog, Southwest Desert Gardening, you recently saw a dead one of these, a Western Green June Bug, also called a Figeater Beetle. On that one, it was easy to show the metallic underside, which was quite beautiful. On this image, you can see some of the metallic parts. The plant is cosmos.

summer insects june bug
Western Green June Bug, Figeater Beetle

This is a Narrow Waisted Wasp on Garlic Chives

summer insects wasp
Narrow Waisted Wasp

Although I generally am not a huge fan of the grasshoppers that arrive in late summer, this one seemed to have a beguiling expression, and I also liked the blue legs. Once again, the plant is Garlic Chives.

summer insects grasshopper

Butterflies will be in a separate post.

I enjoyed the opportunity to photograph these late summer insects not frequently thought of as “beautiful,” but I liked them. 🙂

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  1. Wow! You got a lot of insects I tend not to pay much attention too. I guess they seem to normal everyday insecyt to me.

    1. You and Laurie have the most incredible place over there!!! I had fun seeing and photographing everything. But, the garlic chives for insects reminded me of the chamisa at the wild game place east of the mountains that was covered in butterflies one fall. The garlic chives had all kinds of bees, other things, and a very tiny butterfly that is really quite beautiful. I could have spent hours at just the chives… 🙂 ))))))))
      We had a great day! Thank you.

  2. Those green june bugs are the bane of my peach picking. I’ll reach up to pick a peach, and a half a dozen or so will be disturbed from the damaged peach they have accumulated on, and then fly out in my face with a considerable racket from their buzzing. It startles me every time. Beautiful but irritating.

    1. Hi, Bob. The only one I have seen at my house this year is the dead one I posted on the gardening blog. But they were all over the place at Tim and Laurie’s. They refer to them as “peach beetles” and note they fly drunk quite frequently, always running into people trying to have a peaceful conversation on the deck. It is very easy for me to like them, because most of the time it is from a distance! 🙂 ))))))))))
      Thanks for stopping by today.

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