Morning Sky

Morning Sky in the “Land of Enchantment”

morning sky
Another Spectacular Sunrise

Morning sky: what a way to start the day here in New Mexico, “Land of Enchantment.” And, it seems never to be the same. Day in and day out, the morning sky is different from the day before.

The very colorful sky is short-lived. Today it was four minutes, and that is typical. Over the years I have learned many of the signs that signal the possibility of a spectacular sunrise or sunset, or rainbow, and, every now and then, other phenomena.

Skies like this do not happen without clouds. If I see clouds when I awaken, I’ll watch, with camera near, and start to photograph as soon as color appears. I’ll continue photographing until the color fades. I’ve watched the position of the morning sun change throughout the seasons. I understand the expression, “up before the birds.” (The birds do come to feed shortly thereafter, though.)

Just one more amazing morning sky in New Mexico. (The intense colors at present are probably contributed to by the smoke from fires in California.)

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  1. That’s nice and red. I got a shot of the sky later in the morning with some really interesting clouds. Then the sky was almost completely clear at sunset.

    1. Hi, Tim.
      One of the “fun facts” I seem to have noticed this entire summer is that we have had a lot of very colorful and impressive sunrises, but the clouds have seemed to disappear by sunset – the exact opposite of some of the other years. When there are clouds at sunset, either the sky itself seems to remain completely gray, or the clouds just don’t turn the fiery colors. I’m not really complaining, because we have been getting some impressive skies. But the pattern of their occurrence this summer does seem to be different.

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