Summer Sunset

Summer Sunset: December Thoughts

This summer sunset was actually the view looking east. A storm was approaching over the Sandia Mountains. Now, in December, it strikes me as particularly beautiful, and I want to share it.

summer sunset
Sunset, Looking East as Storm Approaches Sandia Mountains

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  1. We do have beautiful sunsets here, as well as sunrises and moonrises. Tonight’s was especially big and beautiful! Thank you for sharing this with us, Susan.

    1. Hi, Juanita! We are so blessed with beauty all around us here. December’s moon *has* been beautiful, although it has not gotten the publicity of November’s “super supermoon.” 🙂 The moonsets are also very much worth seeing, if you are up. They occur at the end of my block through neighbor’s cars and trees, so hard to photograph as a moonset alone, but still fascinating to watch.
      So nice to see you here. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Beautiful sunset clouds, Susan. You get some beautiful views of the mountains and sky down there. We had clouds and rain during the last two full moon here. We are 24 degrees, sunny and covered in ice this morning.

    1. Hi, Lavinia. First, thank you! We are very here when it comes to natural beauty that just happens.
      I am very sorry you missed the last two full moons. I haven’t checked to see what wonderful things we can look forward to in the skies in 2017, but there should be opportunities to see other marvelous things (she says, hopefully, 🙂 ).
      Yesterday (Friday) we got the BIG WIND that had been predicted, and that is continuing today. It is early morning and still 47°F, though. We are getting some rain, and for that I am grateful. The city issued a dust advisory (for health reasons), so I may be even more grateful for this morning rain.
      Thanks, as always, for dropping by and leaving a comment. Wishing you a wonderful weekend ~ Susan

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