The Sky Tonight

The Sky Tonight; and It Is Not Even Monsoon Season Yet!

The sky tonight was reminiscent of Monsoon Season The monsoons are more than a month away. The wind was definitely blowing, but no rain fell in my part of town. But the clouds and the colors provided a spectacular end to the day. Those of you who read here regularly know the view from my back yard, looking west. I usually avoid photos in the front yard, because the “view” is basically of houses and driveways and parked cars. But the clouds and color to the northwest were spectacular enough to demand a photo. This is one of those evenings I long for an unobstructed view. Nevertheless, I remain grateful for what I do see here.

sky clouds sunset
Tonight’s Sky from the Back Yard
sky clouds cunset
Tonight’s Sky from the Front Yard

Colorful sunrises and sunsets are something we almost take for granted here. Monsoon season especially can provide spectacular skies. But even “ordinary” days here can end with a sunset like this one!

6 Replies to “The Sky Tonight”

  1. That looks a lot like what we saw. Although, there was a point where the clouds were very red from our where we were looking at it.

    1. Hi, Tim. I could have missed a point at which the clouds were very red. I was busy working and this is what was there when I looked out. I may have to move my office back to a room with a view of the back yard! 🙂

    1. Hi, Lavinia. Thank you. It was a sunset that gave me a lot of happiness. I cannot specifically explain why; it just did. Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

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