Along the Corrales Bosque

Along the Corrales Bosque

The bosque along the Rio Grande is a beautiful, fascinating place. A bosque is a forest found in a narrow band along the floodplains of rivers and streams in the American Southwest. It is a prime feature running through the Greater Albuquerque metro area.

This past Sunday, when I noticed the Painted Lady swarm here, Tim and Laurie noted they had hundreds on the salvia at their property in Corrales. Of course I jumped at the chance when they invited me to come out the following day, Memorial Day, to photograph the swarming butterflies there. When it was time to leave my place in the NE Heights, I could see stormy weather in the direction of Corrales. But storms often blow through quickly here, and I wanted to go. I had no weather to speak of on the drive to Corrales, but as soon as I turned off Alameda onto Corrales Road, I could see the storm really had blown through there. Tree limbs, leaves, and puddles of water were everywhere!

However, the Painted Ladies were nowhere to be seen. They had sought shelter – somewhere – from the storm.

Over the years, I have learned that plans for photographic excursions often change in detail, but that there is always something interesting and/or beautiful to photograph. When the sky cleared a bit, Laurie went for a run in the bosque, and Tim and I walked down to the river. It was a beautiful afternoon and evening, sans butterflies!

Bosque Bridge to the Rio Grande
Reflections in the “Clear Ditch”
Walking toward the Rio Grande, the Sandia Mountains Come into View
Rio Grande, with Sandia Mountains Beginning to Show Alpenglow
Crescent Moon at Sunset

4 Replies to “Along the Corrales Bosque”

    1. Hi, Tim. Thanks! The light really was both interesting and beautiful. Thanks to you and Laurie for having me over!

  1. A beautiful series of photos from your day with Tim & Laurie, Susan! I’ve been watching that crescent moon growing from up here in Oregon. 🙂

    1. Lavinia, thank you so much. It was, as always, a wonderful day.
      I’m watching that moon also. 🙂 It was so beautiful as a crescent moon… Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment. 🙂

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