Roadrunner Visit


Roadrunner Sunday Morning Visit

A roadrunner visit is pretty common in this neighborhood. After all, it is the State Bird of New Mexico.I see them daily up and down the street, even if not always in my back yard. This morning I was out enjoying all the avian visitors, when I saw this one. It was hanging out in the shadows, waiting for a tiny tasty morsel such as a goldfinch to drop by.

Roadrunner Waiting for Breakfast

The camera click startled this one a bit (not a common reaction). It jumped down and ran away from me.

I Think She Still Sees Me

Roadrunners really do run, although they are capable of flying. Fastest running speed is often reported at 20 mph, but some have been clocked as fast as 26 mph.

This one decided to show us some running form.

I’m Going to Run!
I Think I’m Safe Now.
Dang! She Still Sees Me!
I’m Outta Here!

The ubiquitous walls (block, adobe, rock, etc.) are like superhighways to the roadrunners. This one came back as soon as I went in the house, strolled onto the patio, and grabbed a lizard hanging out under a rose bush.

If you are not squeamish, you might find these two YouTubes of encounters between roadrunners and rattlers interesting. Life in the desert…

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