Monsoon Rain and Roses

Monsoon Rain and Roses

Monsoon rain and roses have been outstanding this year!

Monsoon Rain

In July, I showed the first real rain at my house of the 2017 monsoon season. It was unusual, dropping 2.5 inches of rain in 40 minutes. Overall, I’ve gotten almost 7 inches of rain this monsoon season. The transformational power of rain in the desert is remarkable.

July 17, 2017:

monsoon rain
Monsoon Rain and Pond

August 21, 2017:

monsoon rain
Back Yard, A Month Later


The roses have responded in like manner.

The hybrid tea ‘Gemini’ has put out many sprays, which will appear at a later time. The one-to-a-stem blooms have had the perfect form for which this particular rose is known. This image is from the other night, after a brief monsoon shower. The new ARS guidelines that will be coming out later this month strongly suggest avoiding images with water droplets on the petals. I agree with avoiding such images if the light is wrong and the droplets light up as blank, a real distraction. But raindrops on roses after a gentle life-giving rain in the desert? I will photograph and show such images, happily. ‘Gemini’ is one of my favorite hybrid tea roses to grow in Albuquerque. “Raindrops on roses…” The stucco of my house, against which most of my hybrid teas grow, is the background.

monsoon rain and roses
Raindrops on Roses – ‘Gemini’

Another of my favorite hybrid tea roses in the desert is ‘Veterans’ Honor.’ It has also responded to the monsoon rains. While I frequently get sprays on ‘Gemini,’ most ‘Veterans’ Honor’ blooms for me are one-to-a-stem. However, it produced a spray this year. This is not any kind of classic spray form by any stretch of the imagination. Nevertheless, I kind of like the almost ‘golden spiral’ effect of this spray, the always-gorgeous color, and healthy foliage seen here.

monsoon rain and roses
Spray of Hybrid Tea Rose, ‘Veterans’ Honor’

Although Albuquerque will see some additional rain this year, the monsoon season is rapidly drawing to a close. From my perspective, as well as that of my yard and flowers, this has been a great – and much needed – monsoon year!

10 Replies to “Monsoon Rain and Roses”

  1. What beautiful rose photos and those of your backyard after the rains. They are perfect! Thank you for sharing them with us.

    1. Juanita, thank you so much! Have a wonderful holiday weekend with your family. Thank you for dropping by. 🙂

  2. Susan, your roses are breathtaking, water droplets or not. They appear about as close to Mother Nature’s perfection as can be. Thanks!
    I envy folk presently in ABQ enjoying the nourishing monsoon rains. We’re still in S. OR and N. CA, where the air is choked with heavy forest fire smoke, and visibility down to about a mile.

    1. Hi, Barbara. Thank you!
      You have my sympathy. In that last couple of days some of that smoke has been drifting into NM, so I can only imagine how bad it must be where you are. This has been a wonderful summer here. We had those two really hot weeks before the monsoons started, and then the temps dropped to quite reasonable after that. This is the most rain I have gotten in several monsoons, and it has definitely been appreciated.
      I hope you get back to Albuquerque soon. Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

    1. Hi, Mel!! Thank you! Yes, the rain IS wonderful. I’ve been able to use my yard this summer as a refuge from all the “stuff” life can throw at one. Thank you for dropping by; it is always so nice to see you.

    1. Hi, Laurie. Thank you!! The lawn will be going brown again soon if we do not get more rain. I do keep the roses appropriately watered, but rain keeps them so much happier than city water. 🙂 This has just been a great monsoon season. I read yesterday that predictions now are tending toward a wet winter. On the one hand that would be very good, while on the other I’m thinking about shoveling snow. 🙂 )))))))))) The monsoon has been a real gift this year. Thank you for stopping by!! 🙂

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