Smoke from a Distant Fire

Smoke from a Distant Fire

Smoke from a distant fire, in this case, multiple fires in the west, has made its way into New Mexico and Albuquerque. The sky has been hazy for several days. My eyes have burned a bit. I knew the smoke was here, but had not paid too much attention. Until last evening, that is. When I went out to change the water in the hummingbird feeders, I caught a glimpse of the moon rising over the Sandias. The moon seemed huge, but rather than the bright silver I’m used to seeing, it was a muddy red. By the time I got my camera, the moon was already up, but the same color. When I plan to photograph the moon, I generally use a tripod. This wasn’t planned and I didn’t have time. Such is life.

From 7:30pm MDT:

smoke from a distant fire
Smoke From Fires in the West Has Reached Albuquerque

With thoughts for all the people affected by the fires burning in the west, the firefighters, other emergency responders, as well as those affected by Harvey and those facing the threat of Irma.

This old song always comes to mind when fires are burning and smoke is in the air:

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  1. The moon as a pretty orange coming up last night. I turned back to white as it got higher in the sky about 8:45 while we were walking on the river last night.

    1. Hi, Tim. I know that the curvature of the earth contributes to the color as the moon rises, but without the smoke it generally rises white/silver. One funny thing is that the moon looked full as it was coming up (I didn’t see it later), and it wasn’t even quite full moon. The sky is still hazy (and probably will be for some time), and I will actually be looking for the moon tonight. As you can tell, it is rising now where I have a somewhat obstructed view. But I’ll still be watching for it 🙂 ))))))))) I loved the Spunk post!!!!

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