Albuquerque Sky in 30 Minutes

Albuquerque Sky in 30 Minutes

Albuquerque sky in 30 minutes? Well, yes. Especially regular readers here know I love the skies in Albuquerque and New Mexico and all of the desert Southwest. I see something worth noting almost every day. Because late yesterday afternoon was especially noteworthy, I want to share a few images. Most of all, these all occurred within 30 minutes. Maybe this happens every day, but this time I happened to catch it. 🙂

Crepuscular Rays, 6:39pm

Albuquerque sky
Crepuscular Rays

Rainbow and Rain, 7:00pm

Albuquerque sky
Rainbow and Rain

Thunderstorm over the Sandias, 7:02pm

Albuquerque sky
Thunderstorm over the Sandias

Muted Sunset, 7:06pm

Albuquerque Sky
Muted Sunset

2 Replies to “Albuquerque Sky in 30 Minutes”

    1. Hi, Laurie! That was an ever-changing sky, for sure.
      In 2009, during monsoon season, I saw enough rainbows that I learned the conditions under which they occur here. Ever since, when I see those conditions I get my camera and watch. Sometimes nothing happens, but often I’ll get to watch a rainbow develop, be at its prime, and fade away.
      This is the year I have learned to watch for crepuscular rays. They tend to be very fleeting, but I have been amazed at how often they do occur here. One of the joys of retirement! 🙂
      Sweet potatoes are $0.98/lb at Sprouts this week. 🙂 )))))))))))Thanks for stopping by!

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