Dwarf Peach ‘Bonanza’ Bloom

Although we had winter weather last week, Spring is here this week! Trees all over town are beginning to leaf out, and the fruit trees are beginning to bloom. In my yard, the dwarf peach ‘Bonanza’ is always the first fruit tree to bloom. Some years we get a freeze and no peaches. But I always enjoy the blooms. The are such a fresh, vibrant way too usher in spring.

Dwarf Peach 'Bonanza' Bloom
Dwarf Peach ‘Bonanza’ Bloom
Dwarf Peach 'Bonanza' Bloom
Dwarf Peach ‘Bonanza’ Bloom 2

The roses are leafing out, reminding me I need to be pruning them. In May I’ll plant sunflower and cosmos seeds. In the summer, those flowers will attract bees and butterflies, and many birds will eat the seeds later in the season.

I’m really glad to welcome spring this year! 🙂

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    1. Hi, Tim. Thanks. Neither of my pears is blooming yet, but it won’t be too long. When a cold wind isn’t blowing, this is a great time of the year!! 🙂 )))))))

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