First Rose and Pets

First Rose of 2019

The first rose in my yard in 2019 is the miniature rose ‘Child’s Play.’ This rose often has perfect form and overall general health. Other roses are about to bloom, but this one made it first.

miniature rose
Miniature Rose ‘Child’s Play’


These images are from last year. I never got them posted. This seemed like as good a time as any… All the pets belong to the Prices. Many of you will recognize Spunk. But first is a parrot, who can come out with some pretty funny things when he is listening to people in another room. He is rather shy in person, but one day let me make a few images. He is quite handsome.

Spunk, the perfect photographer’s model: handsome, loves to pose when he is in the mood.

Here, Spunk the model:

garden cat

“OK, that’s enough. I’m bored now…”

garden cat

Spring seems to have really arrived, and everything seems about to bloom. Enjoy what promises to be a beautiful weekend.

6 Replies to “First Rose and Pets”

  1. Beautiful rose. You have a way of capturing Spunk. Super portrait of Sรธren. Since he got his new cage, which he loves, he hasn’t been very cooperative for me photographing him. He’s too busy enjoying his cage and bird toys to pose.

    1. Hi, Tim! Soren was a fabulous model on the day this photo was taken. I’m glad I had the chance before he got his new cage, but I’m happy for him that he loves his new cage and bird toys!!
      Spunk is special; there is no other way to put it. He must have sensed he had pretty big paws to fill as a Price cat, but decided to do it in a uniquely Spunk way. All the kitties are great, but Spunk is one of a kind. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Beautiful photos, Susan. We’re a few weeks away from rose blooms here in Colorado. They usually flower in late May or early June, but will flower early if it’s been a warm spring. But, when you have three blizzards, it might be early June this year.

    Hope you’ve been doing well, the DNA book, with your son, is coming along. Historical content and perspective is the hardest part to get right, especially the perspective part.

    Med school update, my daughters are doing well. Next week are finals. They’ve loved every bit of their first year and can’t wait for the start of the second year. In two weeks, they’ll be back to being full-time equestrians.

    Have a great weekend. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi, David! Nice to see you.
      First, congratulations to your daughters. I’ve always thought the first year was the hardest, and that all following years were more fun! I know they myst be anxious to be back with their horses.
      Down here we kind of lucked out with the weather. We had some winter weather at the time winter weather usually occurs, but none of the late blizzards like you got.
      You are right about history and perspectives. The DNA part has been worked out for awhile, but there is SO MUCH stuff to consider. Brandt wants the back cover of the hardback to have the same image as the front, except a Texas star in place of the moon, and a title

      Guess Who Wrote What and Why
      Brandt Graham

      That pretty much sums up a lot of things.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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