Sunrise over the Sandias

Sunrise over the Sandias
Sunrise over the Sandias, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Sunrise – and sunset – can be a magical time almost anywhere, but reliably so in the high desert country of New Mexico, “Land of Enchantment.” It is very easy to take our beautiful skies for granted, almost, because we have them so often.

One of the truly remarkable things about our skies, though, is that the exact appearance of a sunrise or sunset can never be predicted, nor how long its appearance will last.

This morning was basically overcast, but a light overcast at the time of sunrise. I really was not expecting too much, but I always watch until I am certain a show either never happened or is over. This morning I made ten photographs between 7:18 and 7:24 am. This is the only one of the images with such distinct rays arising over the Sandia Mountains, starting from where the sun was about to appear.

The magic of sunrise – and the sky in general – in New Mexico.

4 Replies to “Sunrise over the Sandias”

  1. Wow! Love this sunrise. The sun rays are perfect. I didn’t get up before sunrise this morning — I had cats head to toe that kept me in bed.

    1. Paco, unlike your cats, tends to make sure he has gotten me up in plenty of time for the sunrise. 🙂 ))))))))))
      I’m glad you like the image! Thank you!

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