Snow on the Sandias

Snow on the Sandias
snow sandias
Snow on the Sandia Mountains, Fog Below, Clouds Above, Lit by the Setting Sun, December 2013

Snow on the Sandia Mountains is predicted in the coming week. Albuquerque itself has the possibility of seeing some snowfall. Precipitation is desperately needed in the Southwest, and hopefully we will indeed see precipitation in some form.

Continuing with yesterday’s theme that sunrises and sunsets here are frequently very beautiful and awe inspiring, but unpredictable in what form they may take, this is from a sunset in December of 2013. This is the only time I can recall seeing the light of a setting sun on the mountains with snow on them not light in some fashion the clouds above, and it is one of the rare times I have seen fog below the mountains.

This image looks east to the mountains. The sunset to the west had the more usual sunset colors of orange, gold, and gray, and was quite beautiful. A memorable sunset in both directions, east and west.

The overall blue effect here, combined with the light of the setting sun on the snow, created an image that I’ll not soon forget.

I hope you enjoy this, more than a year after it appeared.

4 Replies to “Snow on the Sandias”

    1. Hi, Tim.
      Thank you!
      This was one of those really lucky days, but it is also from a time when I was watching the skies at sunrise and sunset on a regular basis.
      My mom has always liked this image, and today she asked me to make it into some 5×7 cards for her, so, of course, I did. 🙂

  1. I like this photo of the Sandias at sunset, with the fog below the mountains. It is framed nicely too.

    1. Hi, Juanita! So nice to see you again.
      This was a very interesting sunset. I do not recall ever seeing the Sandias look like that at sunset. It was interesting, because the more typical sunset colors were seen to the west.
      (My mom had a set of cards made with this image 🙂 )

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