Designated Smoking

Designated Smoking

Smoking in non-smoking facilities can be an interesting proposition. It varies widely from location to location. Here in Albuquerque, if a facility is non-smoking, there is no designated area for lighting up a cigarette (or cigar, or whatever).

In the fall I traveled to West Texas on a personal matter. I visited a relative in a hospital, a designated non-smoking facility, but with designated areas right outside the main entrance where people could light up..

The hotel where I stayed had this “Designated Smoking Area” right outside the front door.

“Designated Smoking Area” at a hotel in West Texas

In the morning, it was not uncommon to see people, dressed in their nightclothes, enjoying a cigarette or two at this bench before dressing for breakfast. It was very interesting to me because it was so different from what is seen in Albuquerque.

I really liked the appearance of the bench, with the Star of Texas (repeated on the handrails), against the weathered fence. I also found the ash container (I cannot quite call that an ash tray) fascinating. I guess it does not have to be emptied too often!

Designated areas were found everywhere, it seems, at non-smoking facilities. This one, to me, was one of the more interesting ones and one that fit its locale perfectly.

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  1. Nice shot and interesting story. In Arkansas I don’t think even allow any smoking within 100 feet (?) of an entrance. A couple of months ago I was in Missouri and went in a quick stop/gas station. I was surprised that they were smoking inside. I guess AR isn’t quite as backward as I had supposed.

    1. Hi, Bob, and thanks.
      I have gotten so used to the way things are in Albuquerque now (and I have been here long enough to see the evolution from smoking allowed everywhere, to not allowed in a few places, to designated smoking areas in non-smoking facilities, to now no smoking at all in or around non-smoking facilities, which almost all public areas are) that I often do not stop to even think about it in other places. For example, I could not tell you what the regulations were in Norman last summer.
      But, the hospital was the first place I entered here, and was totally amazed to pass a designated smoking area. I was too preoccupied to take any photos of that, and I certainly hope I do not have to go back there again (only for the reason; the place and the people were wonderful). But at the hotel I had a little time to try to think about other things, and this area was so intriguing to me. It was *so* West Texas!
      I do know that on future travels I’ll be paying more attention. 🙂 ))))))
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  2. As usual your photographs have a clear message framed with photographic clarity, great luminosity, and beautiful tonal color.

    1. John, how nice to see you “over here!”
      As always, thank you so much for your very kind comment. Your comments mean so much to me!

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