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Rose Photograph Blue Ribbon Winners from ARS 2014 Fall National Convention

Roses are the focus of American Rose Society conventions: rose specimens, rose arrangements, and increasingly, rose photographs. The 2014 Fall National Convention featured a competition of rose photography. The results of the competition have recently been posted on the website of the ARS.

I had known that my photograph of ‘Dream Weaver’ had won Queen (equivalent of Best of Show) and that my Creative Interpretation image of ‘Gemini’ had won King (equivalent of Runner Up to Best in Show). Until I received the ribbons in the mail last week, I did not know that ‘Child’s Play’ had been awarded best in section for Fully Open Roses, nor that my image of hips of ‘YoYo’ had been awarded best in section for Rose Potpourri. I will show those images in a later post.

I was surprised and pleased with how many of my images had been awarded Blue Ribbons. The images in this post are the Blue Ribbon winners.

roses Gemini
Hybrid tea, exhibition form

roses Glowing Amber
Miniature Rose Glowing Amber
Exhibition Form

‘Glowing Amber’ is an interesting little rose. It has distinctive reflex petals, with a red upper and yellow reverse. There are stories that the hybridizer complained that photographers never captured the brilliant colors of this little gem. I did not hear any complaints about the color in this image. 🙂

roses child's play
Miniature Rose ‘Child’s Play’
Exhibition form
roses foolish pleasure
Spray of Miniature Rose, ‘Foolish Pleasure’
roses gemini
Fully Open, Stamens Showing
Hybrid tea, ‘Gemini’
roses mermaid
Old Garden Rose 1918
Hybrid bracteata, ‘Mermaid’

This image of ‘Mermaid,’ one of my favorite roses, appeared on the cover of the 2014 Rose Annual:

roses Mermaid
‘Mermaid’ on Front Cover of 2014 Rose Annual
roses Dr Huey
Rose ‘Dr. Huey’ in Rose Potpourri. Photo taken on the First Annual Dr. Huey Tour of the Corrales Rose Society

Dr. Huey is often used as the root stock onto which to graft other roses grown for their blooms. It can get very, very large!

My image of ‘Gemini’ entered in Creative Interpretation was awarded King of the show, but I had two additional Blue Ribbons in that class.

roses Leonidas
Hybrid tea, ‘Leonidas,’ in Black and White.
roses veterans honor
Hybrid tea, ‘Veterans’ Honor’

With Albuquerque under a Winter Storm Watch from this evening through tomorrow evening, and with this morning dawning dark and gray, this seemed like a good time to enjoy the beautiful roses and colors of summer. Please enjoy!

8 Replies to “More Roses”

  1. All these photos are so beautiful and so nice to see on this winter’s day. It’s hard to choose a favorite, so will just say fantastic all around!

    1. Juanita, thank you so much.
      It is such a dreary day that I needed some color and a reminder that summer will be coming 🙂 )))))))
      Nice to see you!

  2. You bring tears to my eyes with these beautiful photos because I know the beauty and fragrance of the original ones, as hard as you try, can never be fully captured on “film” but only in your heart. I know you put a smile on God’s face with the creative talent He has placed within you and you share with such joy with the world. Thank you.

  3. These photos are exquisite! They are the most beautiful, even fragrant in their beauty, photos I’ve ever seen on roses. I hope you can soon publish a book on your flowers.

    1. Oh, Pearl, what a lovely thing to read on this cold and cloudy winter day here in Albuquerque! It is supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow, but we had some really nice days over the past few days. I worked out in the yard, trying to get rid of weeds, etc. We do not prune here until April, but I am trying to get things taken care of so the roses will have a good year in 2015. Then, I am going to try some different (and same) photographic things with them.
      Thank you for all the encouragement in so many areas over the years, and now for the roses!!! 🙂

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