Albuquerque Flea Market

albuquerque flea market

The Very Colorful Albuquerque Flea Market, a Weekend Institution

The Albuquerque Flea Market, held every weekend at Expo NM (“the Fairgrounds”) is an institution here. It is very colorful, and is a wonderful spot for photographers as well as people watchers and shoppers. “You can get anything you want” here.

albuquerque flea market
Mainly New Mexico Marilyn t-shirts

As I was going through these images, one thought that kept going through my mind was, “maybe I can see how some people in the US do not know that New Mexico is one of the 50 states in the United States.” As a state, New Mexico is quite new (1912), but it has a very long history and prehistory.

The state is so beautiful and so colorful. On this autumn day you can see the trees beginning to turn, but you can also see the clear, turquoise-blue skies. You can also see that this is a pretty unique flea market, definitely New Mexico in flavor and color.

I hope you enjoy these images of one of Albuquerque’s weekend institutions.

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