Lady Banks, Laurie, and Critters

Lady Banks, Laurie, and Critters

Lady Banks, Laurie, and critters: what more could a day in May need to be perfect? This old species rose was breathtakingly beautiful in the late afternoon light. Many different roses are doing well this year. But this one was spectacular!

lady banks rose
Soft yellow beauty!
lady banks rose
This rose grows to be quite large!

Laurie adding to the spirit of the day:

lady banks rose
Laurie with Lady Banks Rose

In addition, this little damsel fly seemed to want to be photographed:

damsel fly
Damsel Fly Too Beautiful Not to Try to Photograph

Finally, would a visit to Corrales be complete without The Man, Spunk?

“You know it’s time-and-a-half on weekends, or I’m just going to lie here and study you.” Spunk is always adorable!

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  1. All beautiful shots. The damselfly is wonderful. The shot of Laurie is really cute, and her Calligraphy T-shirt goes especially well with Lady Banks. You got it right on Spunk’s attitude.

    1. Hi, Tim. Thanks. Today was just like Corrales days always are: no matter what was planned (or, in this case, nothing planned), things always turn out just right! It was a wonderful afternoon.

  2. Spectacular roses. Hard to grasp that it is a single plant.

    1. Hi, Barbara! Some of those old roses get to be huge in no time. Even so, I was surprised when I saw this today. I had seen it in other years, and it was always large, but today it was so covered with flowers, and it seemed to be cascading everywhere. (My mother has a tiny yard, and when she first moved here she planted two of those! They came out within a year or two for smaller plants.) Nice to see you!

  3. The Lady Banks rose is very beautiful indeed. All the photos are very spring time and all are gorgeous!

    1. Hi, Juanita! I’ve always thought it was a beautiful rose, but today it just seemed spectacular. I was very happy that Tim and Laurie have the space to grow it! 🙂 Most of my roses will be bloomed out in another week. I’ve been thinking that maybe this year Santa Fe roses will be right on time for the show!
      Thank you for stopping by and for the comment. So nice to see you!

  4. Beautiful photos, Susan. Lady Banks, it definitely can outdo Dr. Huey … but I suppose she already knows that, lol. 🙂 Isn’t Spunk a handsome cat? I think he knows that too.

    O/T: I wrote about my daughters’ accepting their admission into the program at CU School of Medicine here. Their calendar for July is beginning to become jammed pack with different events at the med school; it would rival any equestrian’s summer show schedule. The big July event is the white coat ceremony, in which every med student is given a white coat with the UCHealth logo. Laurie is having name tags being made for them. She doesn’t want anyone to call them “hey, you” or search for their name off the ID badge. We’ve already bought their clinical diagnostic kits, stethoscopes, two extra lab coats each. It’s our little starter kit for each of them. We’re very excited for them. 🙂

    1. Hi, David. What an exciting time for your entire family! I’m happy for all of you. Your daughters are fortunate to have each other for support as they go through their training. They are also lucky to have such an excited, supportive family!

      1. Thanks, Susan. I’m glad the girls will have each other for support. Laurie said her first day at med school, she was a little scared and nervous – it was a little like being the new kid in school. It wasn’t until her third class of the day, the biochem professor wanted to know what was everyone’s special talent. While most of everybody else in class talked about reading or speaking another language, Laurie said her special talent was throwing a football. He pulled out a football out of a desk draw and said show me. Her prof dropped the pass. She told him he needs to work on his pass catching skills. Laurie turned out to be his best student ever. He continues to rave about her performance. 🙂

    1. Hi, Mel! Thank you! This has been an exceptional year for roses. I’m not sure what explains it, so I’m just enjoying them while they look so good.
      It is so nice to see you today! Thank you for stopping by!

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