New Mexico Weekend

New Mexico Weekend

New Mexico: images are better than words. This was a weekend of great company plus beauty, floral on Saturday and landscapes on Sunday.

Saturday was the Fifth Annual Corrales Rose Society Dr. Huey Tour. Time flies!!! You can read about and see Tim Price’s images at his blog, TandL Photos. Days spent with Tim and Laurie in Corrales are always beautiful.

Sunday I had a remarkable day with a photographer friend from Dallas, King Douglas. (Hello to our friends from the old 1X!!!!). Over breakfast we discussed what to do. He pulled out a map and circled a few places. It was clear we were not going to “usual” places. I am so glad. I’m also glad I filled up with gas before I picked him up. We settled on Echo Amphitheater as a destination (photos of that another time). I warned him that I always get rained on in the Jemez, even if there is only one tiny cloud in the sky. The rain came just as we arrived at Echo Amphitheater. It was short-lived, and produced a cool and refreshing afternoon. The magic of the Jemez! We chatted about so many things. And, when we stopped to photograph, I got some tips from a master. What a day!

New Mexico
Abiquiu Lake Looking North. Very Low!
New Mexico
Northern New Mexico. More Colorful than the Painted Desert of Arizona.
New Mexico
More Color, and Look At That Sky!
New Mexico
Abiquiu Lake Looking South, with Georgia O’Keefe’s Pedernal Mountain

Finally, for our mutual friends, King Douglas with his wife’s dog, Cooper, in Echo Amphitheater. Cooper is not only adorable, he is an extremely smart Service Dog. He was a great little companion on the trip.

New Mexico
King Douglas and Cooper in Echo Amphitheater

This weekend was full of great company and visual delights. Thank you for sharing what was a remarkable weekend, even by New Mexico standards!

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  1. Layers on layers of color. Beautiful photos and sounds like you hd a fun day.

    1. Hi, Tim! It was an amazing day. If I had known ahead of time I might have said, “I don’t have the energy.” That was not an option 🙂 and the energy came from somewhere. I did have fun, and I’ve learned some new places for day trips we might want to try. The entire weekend was great!

  2. What beautiful photos these are Susan! I’m glad you took the opportunity to go.

    1. Hi, Juanita. Thank you! You used exactly the right word – opportunity.
      Seeing you and Jack early Saturday was also another beautiful component of this weekend! 🙂

  3. Beautiful!! I have never been up to that area, but now I will plan to go. I was up in Taos a couple of weekends ago and the same clouds and sky made for 2 perfect days for photographing. BTW, I think we walked right past each other early this evening if you were at the Sprouts on Academy. I thought to myself, she looks familiar, but it was about 5 minutes later, before I realized who you were. I was going in and you were just coming out. If it wasn’t you then ??

    1. Hi, Faith! Yes, I was at Sprouts on Academy :-)))))))))) Sorry I didn’t see you!
      I love Taos also, but going here was also very worthwhile. The skies almost look like monsoon skies, but it is way too early for that. But I loved the downpour yesterday afternoon.
      Thank you for stopping by, and I’ll start looking for you at Sprouts. And when you have time, I think you would enjoy this region.

  4. What beautiful photos, thanks for sharing! I missed you and your mom.

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