Slideshows for 2021 Floral Fantasies

Video slideshows of some of this summer’s floral fantasies were fun to put together. I used iMovie, and I have not yet learned all the quirks and how to get around them. But I am working on it when life does not get in the way.

There is one video for color and one for black and white.

The collection can be viewed here.

Floral Fantasies in Color
Floral Fantasies In Black And White

More Floral Whimsies

These floral whimsies are creations made on a phone. The first step is photographing a flower. After that it is pure fun seeing what I can make of it on a phone.

Fire Breathers was created from a sunflower. It seemed so appropriate in this summer of drought and wildfires.

Floral whimsies

Women and Children was created from a cosmos bloom.

Floral whimsies

I don’t know how long this obsession with whimsies will last, but I have learned a lot about photo editing on a phone. I think that will helpful when I am taking ‘regular’ photographs with a phone camera.

I hope you find them interesting.

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