Slideshows for 2021 Floral Fantasies

Video slideshows of some of this summer’s floral fantasies were fun to put together. I used iMovie, and I have not yet learned all the quirks and how to get around them. But I am working on it when life does not get in the way.

There is one video for color and one for black and white.

The collection can be viewed here.

Floral Fantasies in Color
Floral Fantasies In Black And White

7 Replies to “Slideshows for 2021 Floral Fantasies”

  1. Fantastic trailers of your beautiful floral fantasies. That’s exciting to see you playing with video production. iMovie is surprisingly powerful, but in trying to make it super simple, it is hard to figure out some things that you would think would be obvious.

    1. Hi, Tim. Thank you. I agree with your points about iMovie. I am also beginning to look at Adobe’s Rush. I’m moving forward at the pace of a salted slug, but I guess that is better than not moving at all. 😐

      1. I just installed and played with Adobe Rush. It’s pretty simple, designed for phone use, but if you really want to do anything with it Adobe wants another $10/month over my $10/month photo subscription. I tried Adobe Premere Pro and decided it wasn’t worth an Adobe All Apps subscription. If you already have an All Apps subscription than Rush should be part of it. iMovie is part of my Mac OS, and does what I need, so I stick with it. If I was going to spend money on video editing software, I would probably get Final Cut Pro. It’s a one-time fee.

        1. I have the Adobe Photography subscription. I have old copies of other apps like Dreamweaver and Illustrator, but I hardly ever use them and an all apps would be a waste of money. iMovie comes on my iPhone. I have Rush on my Photo Subscription. I will definitely check out Final Cut Pro! Thank You!

  2. The movie format is fun and the images are strangely satisfying to view! Thanks for pushing yourself and sharing what you learn!

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