White Flowering Trees

Yesterday so much was blooming that the beauty was almost overwhelming: flowers on the ground, and flowering trees. The air was filled with sweet scents wafting by.

Images of the redbuds will be posted in a subsequent post.

Here are images of two of the flowering trees with white blossoms. I do not know the names of these trees, only that they were beautiful and had a wonderful scent. The images do not begin to convey their beauty in reality.

flowering trees
One variety of white flowering tree
flowering trees
Another white flowering tree

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    1. One of those could be wild plum; I’m not positive though. The redbuds are spectacular here right now, and in another post I’ll put some images from Saturday. I remember the Dogwoods from Oklahoma, but we don’t have them here, at least not in abundance. Isn’t it a great time to be out with a camera? I know you must be enjoying yours!

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