November Moon

November Moon – The Largest Super Moon of 2016

November Moon – so many thoughts come to mind. I was aware the year’s largest Super Moon will be full on November 14, but will rise the largest on November 13. Yesterday, November 10, driving home around 3:00 or 4:00, I noticed the moon was well above the Sandia Mountains, and still appeared HUGE in the daylight. I did not get a photograph yesterday, but friend Tim Price posted a fabulous shot on his blog.

Today I made a point of being home in the late afternoon. I wanted to try to photograph the moon in daylight over the mountains and fall foliage. Have I ever said how much I love New Mexico?

November Moon
November Moon Over Sandia Mountains, Prelude to Super Moon Full Moon

4 Replies to “November Moon”

  1. Nice. I’m going to try and get it rising over the Sandias on Saturday and Sunday. It will be dark when the full moon rises over the Sandias on Monday, which is fine, but then it’s just another full moon with black sky around it.

    1. Hi, Tim. Those are my plans exactly, and for the same reasons. I think this moon will actually be the largest on rising on Sunday , even though in the early am of November 14 it will officially be its “fullest.” I want to say again that your image of the moon downtown yesterday was simply spectacular!!!

  2. Beautiful image, Susan! I’m counting on you and Tim for some good views of the super moon. We are in a rainy spell here in Oregon right now, and the forecast is not looking good for moon viewing.

    1. Hi, Lavinia. We certainly plan to try. 🙂 Today is sunny here, so I’m expecting the moon rise to be good today. I’m hoping for clear skies tomorrow also.
      Thanks for dropping by – so nice to see you!

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