Peace and Love

peace love

Peace and Love

Peace and love, seen not too long ago, at the gym:

peace and love
Peace, Love, and…

The wearer of the t-shirt and I were both walking on the track, she ahead of me. The colors and visible words both harkened back to another time. I was anxious to catch up and see what was on the remainder of the t-shirt. I felt a wave of nostalgia for my youth.

A lot of time and experience passed between the age I was reminded of, and where I am today. I had to laugh a bit when I realized my first response to the entirety of the t-shirt was as a gynecologist. I may be retired, but once a gynecologist, always a gynecologist, I guess.

peace and love
Peace, Love, and Crabs

After a second look, I realized the shirt was an ad for “Joe’s Crab Shack.”

peace and love
Joe’s Crab Shack

Here’s to a fun weekend!

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