Bosque del Apache 2014

Bosque del Apache 2014

Bosque del Apache 2014, flashback to a time when things seemed pretty perfect. I was updating software today, and came across images not seen for some time. I enjoyed looking at them, and decided to share a couple here.

Bosque del Apache
Sandhill Cranes, Late Afternoon, January 17, 2014

The following morning at dawn was warm by January standards. The temperature was 19°F, no wind to speak of, and I was dressed in layers. I thought that was sufficient. My two companions that weekend went back to the car shortly after we arrived at this spot. I thought it was too beautiful to leave, and I am glad I have the images. Several hours later when I was warm enough to think sensibly again, I realized that I really had become hypothermic. The next time I plan to be out at dawn some winter day at the Bosque, I’ll have on about ten more layers!

Bosque del Apache
Dawn at Bosque del Apache, January 18, 2014

These images reminded me not only of that weekend, but also how fortunate I am to live in “The Land of Enchantment.”

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    1. Lavinia, thank you so much! I always appreciate your comments, but this one especially! Again, thank you! 🙂

  1. Great shots with lots and lots of cranes. It’s a drive to BDA, photos like these make it worth it.

    1. Hi, Tim! Thank You!!!! I’m hoping that maybe by the time the cranes return in the fall, we will have already been out on some photographic excursions, and ready to take on BDA!! 🙂
      I was really happy to come across these today.

      1. I think this fall there should be no problem with doing an excursion to BDA.

  2. Hi Susan, what beautiful images these are. So majestic! Thank you for sharing.

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