Giant Dr Huey 2017

Giant Dr Huey 2017

The giant Dr Huey has become probably the most important stop on the Corrales Rose Society Annual Dr Huey Tour. It is huge! We like to document its existence each year, in case it should ever disappear. We kind of laugh at ourselves when we say that, though, because this hybrid wichurana is so hardy it will probably “always” be there.

It has been so warm this year that we planned the tour a week earlier than usual. Some roses were out much earlier than usual after an unusually warm winter. Dr Huey in Corrales and Mermaid in my yard were not fooled: they hit their peak at the regular time. The first scheduled tour was “no dice.” The rescheduled tour at the regular time – third weekend in May – was perfect. For discussions and images from prior years, check out the Dr Huey section on my Southwest Desert Gardening blog.

I have many images from many very different things in Corrales that day, and those will appear in many different posts. After the Dr Huey Tour, we went back to Tim and Laurie’s place. As is usual, the day produced a lot of fun and surprises, most of which were photographed. But, this post shows the giant Dr Huey alive and well and huge in May of 2017.

giant Dr Huey
Tim Price (Over 6 Feet Tall) Under the Giant Dr Huey, for Scale. Note the Trailing Blooms on Either Side of Tim.
giant Dr Huey
Tim Price at the Giant Dr Huey. After you have gazed at his photographic equipment, note the trailing Dr Huey blooms over his right shoulder.
giant Dr Huey
Laurie Sketching Tim and the Giant Dr Huey
giant Dr Huey
Tim Photographing Laurie and Laurie Sketching Tim at the Giant Dr Huey

6 Replies to “Giant Dr Huey 2017”

  1. Susan,
    Glad you are documenting this unusual rose bush. It is quite the phenomenon. Looking at Tim’s gear make my neck and back hurt!

    1. Hi, Barbara! You know, every time we go out together I think the same thing about pain and guys with their upper body strength so they can do things like that without pain. 🙂
      I’ve never even heard of another Dr Huey like this one. Laurie and I had misunderstood earlier in the year and thought it had been cut down. We were very happy to find it still there. It is another one of those very unique Corrales things. Very nice to see you!

  2. I love the photos, Susan! Glad to hear the giant Dr. Huey is still there! Our Dr. Huey has buds, but has not bloomed yet.

    1. Hi, Lavinia! Laurie and I were so happy to see it; Tim knew it was there all the time. There are other Dr Huey pics from that day that I’ll get up in a day or two – plus, all the beautiful roses in their garden are blooming. And, there are other photos from that day, too.
      Nice to see you, and thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hi Susan,
    I have missed your beautiful photographs for the last 6 months. They always were inspiring! Glad to see the big Huey and to remember the photos from last year. Mine have finished their boom but will be back no doubt.

    1. Hi, Faith! Thank you so much for dropping by and leaving a comment. In the last 6 months so much was going on in my life at both a personal and family level…I’ve still done photographs, however, and many will appear here until I’m ready to jump back into social media. I really appreciate your stopping by!

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