Uniquely New Mexico

Uniquely New Mexico: Spirits of the Old Adobes

Uniquely New Mexico: old adobes, week of many observances across cultures of visiting spirits, and especially of Day of the Dead with Albuquerque’s – so far, not commercialized – Marigold Parade, Muertos y Marigolds. Several years ago, during more than one “photographic excursion,” Tim Price and I photographed a lot of old adobes, and Laurie sketched them. Those images sat around for a while, as did some images from a couple of Marigold Parades. I don’t remember exactly when I decided to make some composites. I do remember I had a lot of fun playing. My son really likes the series, so I decided to revive a few of the images. The Gallery, Spirits of the Old Adobes, is at my portfolio site. This seemed an appropriate week to share the images.

uniquely new mexico

(Click to enlarge image.)

4 Replies to “Uniquely New Mexico”

  1. Very spooky photos for Halloween! They show such strong character. The black and white is perfect for the mood. Thanks for the treat Susan.

  2. I read that commercialization is starting to creep into the Dia De Muertos celebrations here in the US, not understanding the strong spiritual component in how it is celebrated in Mexico. Really would hate to see it happen.

    1. Hi, David. I think many celebrations in US cities are already very commercial. At times the City of Albuquerque has wanted the parade to move downtown. That would be disaster IMO. Mesilla has a very authentic observation, but I haven’t been there yet. Thanks for dropping by, and your comments!

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