Old San Ysidro Church 150th Anniversary

Old San Ysidro Church 150th Anniversary

Old San Ysidro Church 150th Anniversary is being celebrated in a variety of ways throughout 2018.

old san ysidro church corrales
2018 marks the 150th Anniversary of the Old San Ysidro Church

Those of you who visit here frequently know that I love to photograph in Corrales. As a result, I take every offered opportunity to photograph the Old Church just because I like it. However, it can present quite a challenge. I consider almost all those photographs to be practice. Several years ago I showed a very colorful one in Laguna Beach, California. One of the activities celebrating the 150th anniversary of the church is a photography show with images only of the church itself. No restrictions exist on interpretation for this show. I decided to enter only one and to do it in black and white.

San Ysidro is the Patron Saint of farmers. His feast day is May 15. This image comes from May 15, 2016. I was in Corrales for the 3rd Annual Corrales Rose Society Dr. Huey Tour. It was pure accident that San Ysidro’s feast day was being celebrated at the new church, just a stone’s throw away. In addition to the usual visual delights, we were treated with wonderful fiesta music. Certainly that added to an already magical day.

Corrales Harvest Festival and Old Church Photography Show

The Old Church Photography Show will be held the last weekend in September, in conjunction with the Corrales Harvest Festival. This is all very Corrales. Just across the Rio Grande from Albuquerque, you are in a different time and place. Parking is very limited. The Village closes the main streets to traffic, but provides free parking at the edges of the village. From there, hayrides transport you to a variety of places. The Pet Parade starting at 9:00 am Sunday is a favorite.

If you are in the area, consider a visit to Corrales and to the Old Church Photography Show the last weekend in September.

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  1. Are you going to come out and photograph the Pet Parade with me? It’s always fun.

  2. Gorgeous old church. B&W, even sepia, fits its presentation well.

    You’ll be glad to know my girls are doing well at med school, granted it’s only Week 7 of their first term. Passed the first batch of exams. Their class has already experienced a dozen dropouts from the program, either grades on the first exams or suffering from too much self-imposed pressure. One of the early drops was a student who was a summa cum laude grad this past spring. Just very surprising to everyone. My girls said she had a very good sense of humor, asking them and a few others if they practiced their doctor poses. Oh, well.

    1. Hi, David. Sorry to be so late in answering! First, thank you!
      So glad to hear – but not surprised – that your girls are doing well. I really think they are especially lucky to have each other for support as they go through the process.
      Thanks for the update! 🙂

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