Colorful Crocus

With more sun and warmer days, the different colors of crocus are all blooming. In my yard, the yellow ones always bloom first. But, with increasing light and warming temperatures, all the different variations are showing up.

These are some that brightened my day. I hope they brighten yours, too.

The white crocus looks so fresh in early spring.
A colorful sign of early spring.
The striped blooms certainly attract attention!
With the arrival of warmer and sunnier days, the full range of crocus colors can be seen.

8 Replies to “Colorful Crocus”

  1. Oh what a pretty way to bring in the Spring! Hope it’s a good one for you Susan!

    1. Hi, Mel! How nice to see you. As I am anxiously awaiting warmer weather here, I suspect you are awaiting a cool-down down under. I kept reading what a hot summer – at least parts of – Australia was having. Everything that blooms here is about to burst out in all kinds of color, and I’m ready.
      I appreciate very much your stopping by.

  2. Thank you for your beautiful photos and bringing Spring into my home.

    1. Pearl, I’m wishing for you that Spring comes soon to your area. I haven’t been on FB in a very long time, so I know you could have been on trips. But reading about your area, I kept thinking about a miserable winter (I know you don’t complain about anything, even rotten weather…) Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment!

    1. Hi, Barbara. I am ready for Spring this year! I enjoyed very much your comment to a post in another forum!

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