Black and White Photography: Shades of Gray

Black and White Photography: ANMPAS Presents “Shades of Gray” December 4 – 27, 2016 at ExpoNM

Black and white photography as the sole focus for the December ANMPAS show is new this year. All of the ANMPAS (Annual New Mexico Photographic Arts Shows) shows feature New Mexico photographers. The December show has been a general show, with color and black and white images. The April show (Insight-NM) has featured women artists of New Mexico.

Organizer LeRoy Perea is changing things up a bit this year. December 2016 is “Shades of Gray.” April 2017 will be the standard ANMPAS show. December 2017 will be “Insight-NM.”

black and white photography
Shades of Gray Black and White Photography Show

The show is closed December 24 and 25. Otherwise, it is open from 10:00am – 5:00pm December 4 – 27. The show itself is free. ExpoNM may charge parking on weekends or during special activities. All images are framed gallery style and all are for sale.

Those of you who read here often (Thank You!) know that, as a photographer, I am basically a colorist. To my eye, the colors of New Mexico demand that of me. But, every now and then, I do see things in black and white. I have always seen these boots, handmade by my son, in monochromes. When I realized he planned to come for the holidays and might be able to see the show, I entered this image. I was very happy that it was juried in. Many thanks to the jurors.

black and white photography
“Beware Barbed Wire.” Custom handmade cowboy boots by Brandt Graham, with fancy stitching and inlaid silver leather.

If you are in the Albuquerque area in December, consider visiting this black and white photography show, “Shades of Gray.” I am very happy to be included in this show.

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  1. That is a great image, Susan, and glad it made the show! Black & white is perfect! Your son is very talented. Those are some handsome boots he made. Those could not have been easy to make, especially with all the detail. They are beautiful!

    1. Hi, Lavinia. Thank you! Long ago, my son apprenticed with Jay Griffith, one of the great old-time boot makers. After that he actually got a degree in Boot and Saddle Making from the only school that offers it – An Associate degree from Oklahoma State. Then he spent several years making boots. He doesn’t have time to make more right now, but he does have a lot of his equipment with him, and he would like to once again have some of his own boots for himself. 🙂 I doubt I will ever have another pair, though. So, I photograph them. Sometime I’ll have to photograph the very intricate boots he made for my mother.
      Thanks for coming by and leaving such a wonderful comment.

  2. This was one of the first images of yours that I ever saw, and of course, loved it. Glad you are showing it again.

    1. Hi, Barbara. This is actually a new image (same boots) made especially to enter in this show. The first image was done in sepia several years ago, and it shows the bottom of the upper boot. I think my son likes that perspective better. With this one, I wanted to show the entire effect of the fancy stitching on one side. So, slightly different.
      I cannot tell you how happy I am you remember the original image!!!! That is a WOW! moment. Thank you!!

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