2017 Balloon Fiesta, Part 1: Special Shapes

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2017 Balloon Fiesta, Part 1: A Few of the Special Shapes

2017 Balloon Fiesta, officially the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, sponsored by Canon, began October 7 this year. The day before was pretty windy, which is important. The balloons will not take off, at least for Mass Ascension, if the winds are over 10 mph. But, the forecast for Saturday morning called for calm winds. So, I took a chance and bought a Park and Ride ticket Friday afternoon for the Saturday morning events.

I was at the Park and Ride at 5:00am, got on a bus at 5:30am (the longest I ever had to wait over the years), and did not reach the Balloon Field until 7:20am. I can say the Park and Ride system had a few problems that day. Dawn Patrol, something I had really wanted to photograph this year with a dSLR instead of phone, along with opening ceremonies and the beginning of Mass Ascension ended long before I arrived. Maybe another day this year – or next… Once you are actually there, the problems getting there seem not to matter too much!

2017 Balloon Fiesta
Setting Moon, Rising Balloon

The start of this year’s Balloon Fiesta is almost a week later than last year’s. The light was definitely different. The mass ascension, starting at 7:00am, definitely began in less light (on a very clear day!). But, the moon was almost full, just beginning to wane. Here, in the foreground, is a balloon beginning to inflate. Behind it, the moon is setting and a colorful hot air balloon is rising. The magic was underway!

Some of the Special Shapes on Saturday

Mister Z:

2017 Balloon Fiesta
Mister Z, Inflating and Taking Off

Darth Vader:

2017 Balloon Fiesta
Darth Vader


2017 Balloon Fiesta

That’s it for this post. Many more images – both special shapes and the simpler sky jewels – to come over time.

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4 Replies to “2017 Balloon Fiesta, Part 1: Special Shapes”

  1. Happy zebra launch. They get the best special shapes all in one place for the fiesta.

    1. Hi, Tim. True! What was odd was that Mister Z was not with the rest, and was still “in the dark” so to speak when it launched. It was very early. The others launched later, and were in full sun, like usual. It was fun to make a gif in spite of the bad light. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the beautiful photos and the story that goes with them Susan. The sky looks so clear and blue and the full moon is so beautiful. Look forward to more balloon pics.

    1. Hi, Juanita! The wind had really blown on Friday, but we had had rain. So the wind did not seem to stir up dust. Saturday morning was calm – as calm as it ever is here – and the sky was really that blue. It was perfect weather all the way around. Lots more balloons will be coming 🙂 ))))))))))))

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