– gloriously bright flowers that almost require people who see them to smile!

2013 has been a great year for sunflowers in New Mexico, and I have enjoyed photographing a variety of them, as well as some of the creatures attracted to them: bees, crab spiders, and even some attractive flies. I’ve been surprised at the different sizes and colors of the different flowers themselves.

Fall is approaching, and the blooms of the sunflowers around me are coming to an end. But they have seed heads, which are attracting house finches and gold finches and jays, among others.

This is the summer I have been smitten with the humble sunflower.

This slideshow has some of my images from this summer. A few more will probably be added before the bloom comes to a complete end. I hope you enjoy these sunflower images.

All of the images in this slideshow are available for purchase as prints at Susan Brandt Graham Photography.

Some of them are also available as 5×7 inch folded note cards, either in landscape orientation or in portrait orientation.

Approaching Autumn
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