‘Cinnamon Delight’

‘Cinnamon Delight,’ a miniature rose with unusual russet color

This miniature rose was hybridized by Ernest D Williams and introduced in 1993. Its official color is Russet. More information about this rose can be found at Help Me Find.

Russet roses generally contain genes of mauve and yellow roses, and as the blooms age, they will often fade to one of these. This rose is not grown by too many people at present (I cannot explain why), but I had a request from another person who does grow this rose to post images I made this year, to compare color in different climates. This post is in response to that request.

I would also like to take this opportunity, with such an appropriately named rose, to wish my readers a very Happy Thanksgiving with family and friends! With lots of cinnamon…,and chocolate! 🙂 And, for those who are traveling, safe travels.

Cinnamon Delight
Horticulture Image 1
Cinnamon Delight
Horticulture Image 2

It is a fun rose to play with editing. The following images have been what we call “creatively edited,” and should not be taken to be representative of the color of the bloom growing on the bush. The form, however, has not been altered in this series.

Cinnamon Delight
Edit 1
Cinnamon Delight
Edit 2
Cinnamon Delight
Edit 3

4 Replies to “‘Cinnamon Delight’”

  1. Hi, Tim. Thank you so much! This was the year I began to allow myself to play with images, just for the fun of it. It makes me very happy that you like the results of something I enjoyed doing so much.

  2. Your Cinnamon Delight photos are so interesting, with the coloration editing. It really catches the eye.

    1. That is one of my favorite miniature roses, although it never has exhibition form. The color, even unedited is interesting, and it changes with the seasons. I’ll admit, though, it lends itself very well to editing, and it great “just for play.” Nice to see you again!

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