My Shelter Cat, Paco

My Shelter Cat, Paco, on His 13th Birthday

Happy Birthday, Paco!

Paco turns 13 today. Like so many other things in life, those 13 years have certainly flown by. He has been, and is, a great little companion (even if he does get me out of bed every morning at 3:00 am to feed him!)

My tuxedo cat, Paco
Paco looking out the window
shelter Cat Paco
Paco Watching a Bird on a Rainy Day
Paco Enjoying Part of an Apple
shelter Cat Paco
Paco Enjoying his Heated Bed

Paco was a shelter cat, born to a feral mom shortly after she was captured by animal rescue.

I’ve had cats live to be 13, but, so far, none have made it to 14. Here’s hoping Paco will be the first! Happy Birthday, Paco!

6 Replies to “My Shelter Cat, Paco”

    1. Thanks, Tim.
      Yes, I am afraid he has me totally trained!
      He still acts young (most of the time), so I am hoping he does have a lot of life left. My son had a shelter cat who lived to be 22 years old and was healthy until the morning of the day she died, so maybe…

  1. Paco is very cute! I hope he is having a happy birthday. 3:00a.m. Is really early; our cat Jazzy wakes up at 5am and I thought that was early. No lounging before 10 right?

    1. Hi, Juanita. It is so nice to see you here today!
      3:00 am really is early, but this has been going on for so long that I usually am able to go right back to sleep. The only time I tend to get upset now is if he decides to also wake me up again at 5:00 am (not frequent, but does happen every now and then). And – I know this does not surprise you – he lounges whenever he wants 🙂 ))))))
      Again, very nice to see you here today!

    1. Hi, Guido! So nice to see you “over here.”
      Thank you for the nice words; they are very much appreciated it. I “hope” he has many more, and healthy, years.
      Thank you, again. 🙂

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