Paco, the Tuxedo Cat

Paco, the Tuxedo Cat

Tuxedo Cat, Paco

tuxedo cat
Paco, my 13 year old tuxedo cat; a good little companion

Paco turned 13 in November, and I got him as a rescue just about 13 years ago now. He is beginning to slow down a little bit, but remains a good little companion. His name from the rescue group was “Dean” after Dean Martin, because of the tuxedo markings, but I changed his name immediately. He just wasn’t/isn’t a “Dean.”

Paco is rather jealous of my time on the computer, and would prefer that I spend the day in a recliner so he could sleep on me, but I’m not ready to slow down that much. 🙂

Paco does have an annoying habit of waking me up every single day between 3:00am and 4:00am. He refuses to be ignored! It is easier to get up and feed him (yes, I know he has me trained!). Most days, fortunately, I am able to fall back asleep in short order; today was not one of them. He is such a good little companion, though, that I can usually tolerate this annoying habit of his.

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    1. Hi, John. I’m really glad you like the photo.
      I have had both cats and dogs over the years, and I like them both. But my old age personality seeking calm seems to fit best with cats these days.
      Nice to see you!

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